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JETBRAIN s RubyMine - Commercial annual subscription C-S.RM-Y

Internal code: 179260
ID code: C-S.RM-Y
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Ražotājs: JETBRAIN

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x 250.30 €

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JetBrains RubyMine - Commercial annual subscription C-S.RM-Y

Short Description:
JetBrains RubyMine IDE includes a comprehensive Ruby code editor aware of dynamic language specifics. It provides smart coding assistance, intelligent code refactoring, and deep code analysis capabilities. With easy project configuration, automatic Ruby Gems management, Rake support, and built-in consoles, it has everything a Ruby developer needs in a development environment. RubyMine brings dedicated RoR features including project structure views, quick Model-View-Controller navigation options, Rails-specific code completion, intention actions, and automated refactorings. All this, plus best-of-breed support for ERB, HAML and Slim editing, coupled with advanced web development tools and a built-in Rails console, is the best recipe for producing cutting-edge Web applications.

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